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Alabaster Arastone projects. Hotel Lasala.


A new four stars superior hotel **** on the bay of La Concha and in the old part of Donostia-San Sebastian. Lasala Plaza Hotel combines the glamor and elegance of a city facing the sea and it’s imposing bay.

Alabaster Arastone projects. Lasala Hotel. San Sebastián

Views to the bay. Arastone projects. Lasala Hotel. San Sebastián.

It combines art and local history to make the stay an authentic experience. A building of 1917 completely renovated in which the architectural style of the facades of the time has been preserved, which invite you to enjoy a journey through the time.

With the intention of “respecting the essence” of the building, built in 1917, the decorator Luisa López has opted for the French neoclassical style, which is considered moderate, with refined geometric lines and balanced designs. “Both the coverings and the furniture and accessories have been adjusted to this line, with the purpose of creating comfortable environments.”

Alabaster Arastone projects. Hotel Lasala.

Alabaster panels by Arastone. Hotel reception.

As for the materials, noble woods, marbles, alabaster, silver and copper predominate, which has been used both on the upper deck and in the window profiles and in much of the signage of the hotel. Among textiles, López has opted for velvet, wool and cotton, in shades of blue and cream, for wall coverings, furniture upholstery or bed linens. In addition, the colors chosen are “soft”, from ocher to blue, with some brushstrokes in gray and black.

Alabaster arastone. Lasala Hotel. San Sebastian

Backlit alabaster by Arastone. Lobby of Lasala Hotel.


One of the architects of the project is Javier Zuribia.

“It is very difficult to find an space in the city more attractive than Lasala Hotel.”

In the following video the architect Javier Zubiria explains that during the process of the hotel renovation they put an special care into the feeling of the guests upon entering the Hotel, knowing that the first time that the guests come inside is probably also the first time they are going to have the first experience of the bay.


Alabaster, then, is once again one of the materials chosen for the design of the most important space in a hotel. the reception, the first space that guests experience just coming inside the hotel.

Alabaster panels arastone. Lasala Hotel

Backlited alabaster in Lasala Hotel. Alabaster by Arastone.


Alabaster panels by Arastone. Lasala Hotel. San Sebastián.

Alabaster panels by Arastone. Lasala Hotel. San Sebastián.

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