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Alabaster in Nmec


The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) is a museum of big dimensions (23.235 square meters of exhibition space), located in the ancient city of Fustat, now part of Cairo. The museum opened partially in February 2017.1 It has a collection of 50,000 artifacts that depict Egyptian civilization from prehistoric times to the present.

About the alabaster that we sent, there are about 120 alabaster urns composed of alabaster pieces of approx 120 x 90 cm, 240 x 90 cm, 120 x 54 cm, 120 x 25 cm, and over 500 pieces of alabaster. Each piece is composed of several pieces of alabaster glued together and laminated on extra-clear glass 1 cm thick, giving resistance to alabaster on the inside of the urn,

Alabaster in Nmec exhibitors

Showcases with backlited alabaster. Arastone. National-Museum of the Egyptian-Civilization.


Alabaster-National-Museum -of-Egyptian-Civilization

Translucent alabaster stone. Arastone. Museum of the Egyptian Civilization.

The architect is Arata Isozaki {Japan) (Arata Isozaki & Associates). Regarding his style, Isozaki has insisted “how each of his designs is a specific solution born for the context of the project”. In his career, he has followed brutalist, metabolist and postmodernist tendencies.

Isozaki has been distinguished with numerous international awards, including the Pritzker 2019, as well as the Association of Architects of Japan, the British Royal Institute of Architects and the American Academy, among many others. He is currently a visiting professor at Harvard, Yale and Columbia.

Alabaster-National-Museum -of-Egyptian-Civilization-view

Model of the showcases. National Museum of the Egyptian Civilization.

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Here we show some pictures of the process in the project:

Alabaster-National-Museum -of-Egyptian-Civilization

Cutting process of the alabaster stone. Arastone. National Museum of the Egyptian Civilization



Panels of alabaster. Arastone. National Museum of the Egyptian Civilization.


Alabaster-National-Museum -of-Egyptian-Civilization-slabs

Alabaster slabs. Arastone. For the National Museum of the Egyptian Civilization.



Big panels of alabaster. Arastone. National Museum of the Egyptian Civilization

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  1. Mahmoud Hussain
    Mahmoud Hussain08-09-2019

    The Architect of National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is Dr El Ghazzali Kosseiba PhD.

    Arata Isozaki & Associates are consultants for the interiors.

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