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The final price of a custom piece made of alabaster, depends largely on the characteristics of the piece requested. The price of the alabaster is also related to the difficulty of the extraction. Watch here our quarries video, showing the first part of the process of extraction of alabaster, under 20 meters under the earth.

Also, you can ask to us the alabaster price for pieces with different treatments and finished touch.
Our measures are not standard as we work following the requirements of our orders. We supply all kinds of customized parts. As a guide here are some examples of our basic sizes and alabaster types:

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All types of requirements needed, we can give you a price. We are alabaster suppliers:




Polished boards with interior and exterior climate protection
  • 15x15cm
  • 20x20cm
  • 30x30cm
  • 60x30cm
  • 70x40cm
  • 100x50cm
  • 120x80cm

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Alabaster sheets with glass
  • 130×80 maximum depending on availability
  • until 30x30cm x 0,8mm
  • from 30x30cm to 60x30cm minimum 1cm
  • from 60x70cm to 130x80cm from 1’8mm

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