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Alabaster sheets

Alabaster sheets by Arastone

The use of alabaster sheets in interior design produce extraordinary effects because the alabaster is the translucent stone for excelence. The alabaster sheets and alabaster panels, allows different applications in interior design, and decoration.

The alabaster sheets, usually have a support element which can be made of aluminum,  steel or stainless steel being the supported element the alabaster sheet and facilitating the construction of luminous interior walls, curtainwall, outdoors walls, false ceilings, screens, counters, windows, facades, bathrooms, doors and furnitures.

We provide also alabaster laminated with glass that make it stronger without loosing any of its qualities.


We supply alabaster stone in a wide range of products for both decorative alabaster and exterior construction, and for interior and lighting.

The size of our quarries of alabaster enables us to extract different types of alabaster stone, so we can cover big an small projects.
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Alabaster sheets.

Alabaster sheets used for walls.

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