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Alabaster stone by Arastone. Vault of Carlos IV. In Jaen. Spain.


Recovering the Architecture of 1798.
Archaeological Museum Headquarters

In the municipality of Porcuna, Spain, the underground galleries of the current Town Hall, have been restored. The ventilation chambers of the Royal Pósito, were built by the mandate of the King Carlos IV in 1798.

The recovery process has been developed for more than 18 months by the architect Pablo Millán, who explained in a note that he had three important phases started by making the original space a space with entity itself, one of the reasons because the ground was lowered about 1.5 meters.

Secondly, the necessary archaeological excavations were carried out by the archaeologist Rafael Saco that allowed to integrate important structures of Roman and Medieval origin inside the enclosure. Finally, a major restoration of the stone’s was undertaken in a process “Slow but effective” in which traditional techniques have been combined with the latest restoration tectologies.

According to Pablo Millán he explained, that this project, from its origin was raised with the main objective of making it possible to “wander between the past, look for the space between the ruins, both the underlying archaeological and the emergent.”

Is it itself, a white folder in which everything remains contained.

Alabaster Stone Arastone

Bóvedas de Carlos IV. Jaén. España. Archeology Arastone Project.


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